App Portal

Let's get started.

First you will need to Create an Account in order to start and save your application along the way. The average application will take 15 minutes to 1 hour to complete depending on how much information you have in hand. An underwriter will review the documents upon submission and contact you if any additional information is required, within 24 hours from Monday through Saturday, excluding national and bank holidays. In most cases, if all of your documents are provided on the first submission you will receive an approval within 24-48 hours, this time frame will vary by industry and the type of processing required. If you require processing for your website immediately following approval, please have your developer ready to integrate the payment gateway.

Information you will need includes:

  • Your federal employer identification number assigned by the IRS, or the owner's social security number if the company is a sole proprietorship.
  • Business incorporation documents such as the articles of incorporation, shareholder information, and partnership agreements depending on your company structure.
  • Financial statements including 3 months of bank statements for your business, or your personal account if the business is new.
  • Processing statements if the business had a prior merchant account, this is really helpful and can help you obtain the best rates if your risk threshold is low.
  • Proof of business documents such as your state or local business license, a utility bill, or other documents such as a lease agreement showing your business operating at the address provided.

You will be able to save and come back to your application at any time. If you have any questions call us at 888-990-TOWN (8696) and we will help you through the process.